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          Ohno Satoshi ..... a person who is quiet and doesn't know how to get angry. A talented individual who choreograph amazing dance moves, have an amazing voice and an artist. A guy loved by everybody and the leader of the group called ARASHI. Today is your birthday and with simple wishes, I hope you'll stay the same, the Riida we know who value and loved the group with all his might and heart. THE BEST RIIDA EVER. Thank you for everything!
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        Yeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ....... the long wait is over. At last the day that I've been waiting (Arashians too) is finally here, the released of ARA-FES DVD. Yesterday I just purchased some Popcorn goodies and a day after it's the DVD (my wallet is crying already and my bonus was spent all in Arashi stuff). I'm just happy and it's my early Christmas gift for myself :-) Finally I can watch the SK, DJ MJ and Shake it performances of our beloved boys. Probably I'll receive this next year and what a best way to start my 2013 (without knowing i'll be almost a year in this fandom soon, how time flies)


   got to go back to work, quietly and in hiding while posting this in my office...hehe


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             Even if its just the start of the week, there are lots of good news from Arashi. Yesterday, Fuji TV announced the production of "Lucky Seven SP" of course starred by our very own Matsujun and this morning at Mezamishi, they showed some clips on their first shooting day. Many are anticipating for this special and I'm one of them, and maybe that's the reason why he dyed his hair into black. Another good news this morning was NHK already confirmed that Arashi and Maki Horikita will be the MC for this year Kouhaku. They just had their press conference today and this is one that i'll be looking forward this end of the year. It seem my plans for New Year's Eve will changed :-)
                                        Today marked the entry of our dear Riida in Johnny's Entertainment 
                               "There are lots of leaders out there, but the only Captain is ours" - Sakurai Sho
                  Totally agree with Sho, Arashi won't be the the group right now if not someone like Satoshi as leader
                   Thanks for bringing the group together and for being the kind of leader as you are now. Omedetou :-)

                                         OMEDETOU ARASHI-SAN for all your upcoming works


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             A month, a weeks, a days of no Arashi variety shows, haayyyyyyyyyy it just seem i'm not complete. At last it ended last Thursday with HnA with the 5 of them in share house. The episode was an epic one taking over the weeks with no HnA and it's the best one since share house and i like the new opening as well :-). I love watching them together, having fun, enjoying each other company just as I'm enjoying myself watching them. I hope they will produce some episodes with the 5 of them again in share house, the atmosphere is very different from VS Arashi and Arashi ni Shiyagare (very homely and there's no audience) 

                           HnA new opening                                                            AMNOS together is fun        

                                            HnA will not end without the picture taking with guests



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            I thought I can't catch up Music Station today due to some important things to be done. I tried to finished it earlier, at least I can watch even a part of it and I'm glad when I came home its the part where they showed the drawing Ohno did during their debut and Arashi haven't performed yet so I was very happy then :-). It's my first Music Station which I watched over online streaming (thanks KH is okei 2 days ago) and it's a different feeling than watching dl. Though last night there's no VSA and HnA, tonight it made my weekend okei and little i did overcome the feeling of missing them  :-)

                   music station
                   wild at heart
                                          おつかれさまでした 嵐

credit pixs to owner
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       Whatta way to start the month of October yesterday. Just as I opened the internet, I saw cute babies with our beloved Matsujun, it happened it's the new CM of a diaper. I can't resist the cute babies and Matsujun looks so gorgeous with them, it made my day so nice and started it with a smile.

                                                                     It seems "J" will be a good Papa in the future :-) 

    Haven't get over the cuteness and nice CM yesterday and today another new Matsujun CM was shown, and now its for Meiji chocolate. I'm just glad that there's a Meiji chocolate here in my country and before I knew Arashi, its one of the few chocolates (Toblerone and Sneakers) I like.


My week is full of beautiful scenery, nice aura, positive vibes and I just loved this kind of things. Have to go back to work  and finished my report for last month :-)


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            Due to time difference of Japan (ahead of 1 hr) and Phils, I set my cellphone to alarm every Thursday and Saturday for Arashi's variety shows. Last night when it alarmed at 6PM and 9:00PM there's no VSA and HnA and when i looked at the schedule it seems there's no VS Arashi for 1 month but I didn't realized it because there's HnA so it eased and forgets the feeling of no VSA but last night is a different feeling, my thursday is not complete at all. VS Arashi will be back on the 18th of October w/ Bet de Arashi. After no airing of HnA for 3 weeks, I'm just glad that when it resume on the 11th of October it will be the 5 of them in share house. I just realized also that there's no Arashi ni Shiyagare for 3 weeks but at last it will resume tomorrow. Douuuuuuushiyoouuu? It only proves I can't live without them without seeing their smiles. (To ease my  feeling of missing them I just watched their raw recent episodes) Still have one problem and must find other ways on how to access online live streaming on TV channels of Japan since Keyhole doesn't exist anymore for TV channels. Someone helppppppppppppppppp me pleasssssssssssssssse :-(

                                                     VS ARASHI to resume on Oct 18  --- still 3 weeks to go

                                               Himitsu no Arashi-chan resume on Oct 11 - 2 weeks in waiting   
                                Arashi ni Shiyagare - after 3 weeks of no AnS at last it will resume tomorrow
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               Everyone was already aware and saw the pictures of the goods Aiba-san designed for ARAFES concert. It so orange and it was indeed with a festival theme. This is my first time to ordered ARASHI concert goods (it's been known I'm just a new fan) and im so excited. In fact I ordered mostly all the goods except the wristband, mini-towel/charm and the clearfile cause I thought the image in the poster and clearfile will be the same but I'm thinking on buying it also upon seeing the details. It a must for me to have the concert penlight so I can have something to wave when watching their concert in DVD so I can experience the feeling of watching their concert live...hehe. Though I can't watch their concert at least I have a souvenir, and though I spent almost 8,000 in Philippine peso but it's worth it buying. I just hope that I can't received a bad news that one item is out of stock cause I'll surely cry, :-(  I'm already very excited for all these goods to arrived.  
                             ARAFES goods I ordered T-shirt, poster, uichiwa, hooded towel, bag, penlight, pin badge
*pixs credit to owners - thank you for sharing ARASHIANS*

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             Since I'm new in ARASHI fandom, it's my frst time to celebrate their anniversary and I had fun interacting with other ARASHIANS, chatting and talking about ARASHI. It makes me know them more because of other fans who are very friendly and accomodating. One thing I learned was on how to make gif, since I have less knowledge about this kind of stuff so I was happy to learned something new too. I'm kinda late on posting my wishes for them but deep in my heart I wish them everything, success and more years to come in making all of us happy.

           Though I just became a fan of you guys recently this year but it seems I've known you longer than it was. You changed my life in a positive way and I'm glad that I've known you during my sadness, lonely and heartache stage, you came just in the right time when I really needed someone the most.
           Your music gives me strength, courage and happiness every time I'm listening. Your friendship and bond inspires me and make me believe that there are still person out there who exist where I can trust again. Your smiles and laughter makes me smile too and whatever happened at the end of the day I know there is someone waiting at home where I can turn to......"ARASHI" ♥
             Thank you for your existence, for all the years, hard works, tears, laughter and love you have given us your fans. 13 years ago Johnny made a right choice in putting you guys to debut as a new group that perfectly fit as "ARASHI". Your individual and different personalities made up the kind of group of what you are now. 
             To the 5 guys who brightens my day and add colors to my life, I'm wishing you good health so you can continue to give happiness to the whole world. I'll always be here to support, lend you my strength and you already had a place in my heart that will stay forever no matter what happened, just like what leader said during 24hr terebi, "let stay as a group no matter what comes our way and in the future that lies ahead let's stay together as a five forever". ♥


                                おめでとう 嵐. ありがとうございます うれしいです

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           It's been 4 months since Himitsu no Arashi-chan new segment Arashi share house started. Jun-kun hosted it for the 6th time together with Nino(3) and Aiba(3) and at last for his 7th time he'll be paired with Sho-kun (I've been waiting for this since they're are my (M) ichiban and (S) niban) and left unpaired only with Riida. I enjoyed watching the episode with guest Kazue Fukiishi, they seem having fun especially when it comes to eating, our two boys just get excited and hyper. OMG Matsujun, what's in you nowadays that it seems everytime I saw you and watch your show you look more awesome and sweet and I can't let go of you already :-). Sorry Sho-kun, though there are times I'm into you and sometimes forget Jun-kun but it seems my heart goes back and looks for my beloved "J"

                         Sakumoto smile and pose                                   Entry # 1 & 2 ..... amazing, its a miracle

                  They ate a lot and I just loved how                       Jun-kun really loved miso soup and it shows
                          they react after eating
                                       on his reaction and in saying "umai"                                               


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                      Just a few hours left before the birthday of Matsujun will end. I was supposedly to make this a while ago after lunch but unfortunately due to uncontrolled circumstances i wasn't able to do it. I did celebrate Jun-kun birthday watching their anniversary concert, during his birthday way back 2009 wherein they performed under heavy rain (in the tv screen it was the time they brought out the cake). I'll make use of the time left to wish him a happy happy birthday. Keep on bringing smile to everyone's face and I do hope you'll stay as the way you are, the Matsujun whom I admired.

                                  Anniversary Concert (August 30, 2009) + balloons + cake = Matsujun's b-day

                    All my wishes for you on your b-day and hope all your dreams will come true in the future

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          A week before 24hr TV I already was excited, counting days till the said event, curious what is it all about. It's been 3 days since 24 hr TV but until now I can't get over it maybe because it's my first time to watch it and it exceeds my expectations. I'm glad I started to accessed the online streaming on NTV around 12noon( Aug 25) because since the preshow at around 3PM, I read some had a hard time opening keyhole due to limited user who can access it. Of course, without dismay Arashi appeared live around that time though it was very hot and you can observed they were really perspiring but still look goods. They showed highlights of 24hr TV and interviewed participants. At 6:30 PM the event started and they performed "Kansha" in the opening and marathon started after performing "Happiness". One by one Arashi's part was shown; dart trips of Matsujun and Ohno, Sho project future Nadeshiko memorial game and Nino's drama "I fly in the sky with wheelchair". Though I don't understand mostly the drama because it's Japanese but by watching it I can felt the story and there are parts that I can't helped but cry. After a heartfelt drama,  Arashi ni Shiyagare was shown live back to back with Shabekuri 007 wherein they showed series of 10 footages of their most embarassing moment (Jun-kun in Mayonaka # 1) they fought with the olympic medalist with challenges (as expected the medalist won all the challenges), they also did a prank on each member ( Ohno's prank was the most funny one, I can't stop laughing upon seeing his reaction on gay massage). Let's just say that I watched the 1st day of it until the last appearance of Matsujun and Ohno at 3:00AM   (Aug. 26) and woke up at 5:30 cause Sho, Aiba & Nino appeared again that early.
           Just what I posted on my last entry, I had a seminar to attend,  i only had 2 hrs of sleep that day 3:30AM-5:30AM  but it's okey because before I went out I had a glimpse of the five of them appeared together that brightens my day :-) I'm not comfortable thinking I can't watch Arashi's strongest longest medley part so I brought my laptop, and about 10 mins before their performance it was our seminar break so successfully I did saw their performance. Before their performance, cute boys(juniors) read a letter of the member's child dreams. Jun and Nino has the same dream, Sho to be a musician (it seems his dream come true) Aiba to be a company president with beard (lol) and Ohno as a baker for he really loves the smell of the bread (lol). My most awaited performance was Matsujun live conduction with the brass band club. Through out the performance I didn't notice that tears fell down in my eyes, i had goosebumps, all praises i have for Jun-kun (biased) he really had a perfect performance. Upon hearing the letter from one of the member to Jun-kun, i was more moved and touched. It only shows how dedicated he was, though busy he'll travel just to practice, he was really into it and a good result was seen from his hardwork (now my admiration for him is now to the highest level <3). He was so cool and amazing and I know he was satisfied for his performance and the band as well as the other members were proud of him too. I read some articles that mostly everyone who watched it was all amazed and all praised for his live performance. He fought hard not to cry but a teary eyed Jun-kun can't helped not to show his soft side. Another part I looked forward was who's gonna right a letter this time but surprisingly, each one of them wrote one "a letter for my future self". They have different views on how they looked their self in the future and again I can't helped it but cried especially after Ohno read his message for Arashi "let's stay together as five forever" (that's what I want also for them in the future). 
                 Now looking back what I experienced watching my 1st 24hr TV, I really had fun and every moment was very touching. Though I haven't seen some of Arashi's parts during the live show but because of Arashians whose always there willing to share the group hardwork, I can watch them now. Let me say that I'm proud and happy that I knew Arashi this year cause I experienced the excitement of being a fan. From here on, I'll be forever supporting them. Looking forward for ARA-FES, concert goods are on the list :-) Omedetou for a successful 24hr TV. Otsukaresama deshita! 
           preshow24  24hrperformance
                              *** 24hr TV pre-show ***                                       *** 24hr TV performances ***

           letter24hrTV  junconduction
                          *** letter for my future self ***                              *** Matsujun conduction sugoii ***

****** 8.5 hrs to go and it's Matsujun's birthday ******

24hrs TV

Aug. 25th, 2012 03:40 pm
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   It's August 25, 2012, in a few hours NTV 24hr Television will start. For me who's new in Arashi fandom it's my most awaited time maybe because I'm curious what's in store in this event. I had seen a few clips from previous 24hr TV where Arashi was the main personality and I'm looking forward the part wherein a member will write a letter to rest of the guys. Who will it be this year? I'm also excited to watch my our beloved Matsujun conducting a brass band live tomorrow evening. Sadly to say I can't watch the whole event especially tomorrow morning till afternoon because I had an important seminar to attend (if it's not needed in my profession i can skip that seminar, hehehe). One thing why I'm happy today was at last my waku-waku goods and 24hr TV goods finally arrived (just in time for the event).

waku2xgoods 24hrgoods
           *** I super love the clearfile of Matsujun ***                     * the blue t-shirt and the tote bag was not included :-( *


Aug. 23rd, 2012 08:29 am
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   A beautiful morning to start with, Jun-kun smile just brightens my day. I did woke up early for ZIP and estimated that he'll appear same as the time Sho-kun last Monday about 7AM JST. He'll have a busy morning guesting on NTV shows for 24hr TV, ganbatte kudasai "J". Looking forward for VS Arashi later (junior highschool competition) and HnA with Ohno and Nino share house.                                                                        zip  **** 7 days to go till our beloved J's birthday ****
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       Ureshii desu! For someone like me who's not really an internet buff, it's a big achievement that I discovered a thing that really makes me happy. Last Thursday (Aug 16) I'm not really busy at work, just in a snap it came into my mind to find ways on how I can access live online streaming on the channels of Japan. There are many site that pops-up and I tried few of them and luckily there's this one program that makes my happiness come true (though the quality is not that nice but for me it's okei than nothing). From then on I watched Arashi programs on online streaming since last Thursday and their guestings especially now 24hr TV is approaching (though I can't understand Japanese, hehe). Last Monday I woke up so early just to watched ZIP (4:50AM Philippine time) cause Sho will appear the whole morning on NTV shows. That night it's Jun-kun at TORE 2hrs SP though sometimes my connection sucks but I had fun and really enjoyed watching it. Jun-kun was so amazing and awesome the whole show. You can see the competitive side of him, the passion on everything he does, and you can see he really enjoy every challenges. It makes me more admire and loved him ... ehem :-). 

                                                                THE SMILE THAT MELTS MY HEART

    This week is full of Arashi, they'll be everywhere in NTV shows promoting 24hr TV especially tomorrow Jun-kun will be at ZIP so I have to wake up early again....

**** 8 days to go till Matsujun's birthday ****


Aug. 17th, 2012 08:05 am
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        It's my first time to watched live online streaming of Japanese channels and I'm excited watching VS Arashi and Himitsu no Arashi chan last night. I'm just happy that I can now watch Arashi shows over the net same as Japan time just in time for NTV 24 hours. I have fun watching VS Arashi ( kyaaahhhhhhh......Matsujun is more adorable and cute this days) especially they won this time against the Fukuoka comedians and made the 10 seconds challenged. But, I'm just a little bit disappointed on share house last night ( the part I found funny was sho's funny face) but it was changed with the second segment Sakuraba doing the challenges with the loser doing a penalty. That part was an epic and I cant stop laughing with the penalties both on Sho and Aiba. The one shot gag with Aiba, Tetsu and Tomo was the most funny one and at the end Sho was doing it too. I just loved spending my Thursday night with Arashi :-)

                                                                 <3 VS ARASHI screenshots <3 
                                                  <3 HNA - I just find Sho saying "baka" very cute <3 

***** 13 days to go till Matsumoto-san birthday*****


Aug. 9th, 2012 04:19 pm
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            I realized that I already have lots of files in my office computer (mostly belongs to ARASHI) and this triggers to make it slow while doing a work report so i decided to buy a new hard disk (1 TB)  and move some of it. I encountered some pictures of Matsujun during his younger years and I can't helped it but to admired how cute he was during his chibi days but now he's so cool and handsome. I really wanted to pinch his cute/chubby cheeks :-) and now I'm into watching his shows/movies when he was young! .....  21 days to go till "J" birthday :-)




Aug. 3rd, 2012 01:40 pm
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It's Friday, last day of work, anticipating for the weekend and I'm thankful that we're not as busy as last month. My mind is always occupied with Arashi, lol (now watching last night VS Arashi) then something came up and I look back how I really started to knew them, this guy was the one responsible "Shin Sawada" when I saw him in Gokusen and then it's history. Thanks Shin for coming into my life :-) .... 27 days to go till the big day of "J"  

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   It's August month and what's special about it.....hhhmmmmmm of course we'll be anticipating the natal day of our dearest DoS, passionate, talented, lovable, cool, handsome and ARASHI member "Matsujun". I'll be one of those who will count the days until the special day will come and have to think a way on how to celebrate your b-day and show how much I'm grateful to know you that brought me on this fandom and met ARASHI whom I loved so much and inspires me because of your closeness to each other.  
                             HAPPY MATSUJUN'S MONTH 

****As a Harry Potter fanatics, a warm birthday wishes today to the person who's responsible for the series "J.K Rowling". Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories to us. I will never get tired watching it over and over again and how I dearly missed this boy wizard. ( If I'm not mistaken Matsujun was also a fan of Harry Potter)****



Jul. 21st, 2012 03:10 pm
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So grateful that it's weekend once again, a rest from a busy week or let's say a busy month for me and who couldn't have a big smile and a beautiful mood to start the day upon reading a very very very good news. I've been waiting for this kind of news  about Arashi and indeed it came. They'll be having an Ara-Fes this coming September 20 & 21 at Kokuritsu and fans have the chance to vote for the songs to be included in the concert. (Hope international fans can vote too). Just I wanted to watch this but sadly Japan is too far but it also confirmed they'll be having a concert also next year so I still have time to save for it. (it's a dream even once I can experienced watching them live), I'm sure a DVD will come out soon so for now I'll have to wait till  that time comes. 

              ARASHI              amnos
                                                   ****** THEY REALLY BRIGHTEN MY DAYS ****** 

* Spending my weekend watching Arashi's Concert (2007 Time Concert, 2008 AAA @ Dome, Scene-Stadium/Dome and  
    Beautiful World Tour) *


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