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                  I'm just so excited to have my first ever Arashi concert goods. After waiting for more than 2 months, I just got my ARAFES goods yesterday, it's worth the wait. I got the bag, hooded towel (it's very useful especially summer), badge, penlight ( i loved it), jumbo uchiwa, poster (never expect that it was that big) and the t-shirt. More Arashi stuff coming my way this Christmas.....Popcorn concert goods and most of all the ARAFES DVD  :-)

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        Yeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ....... the long wait is over. At last the day that I've been waiting (Arashians too) is finally here, the released of ARA-FES DVD. Yesterday I just purchased some Popcorn goodies and a day after it's the DVD (my wallet is crying already and my bonus was spent all in Arashi stuff). I'm just happy and it's my early Christmas gift for myself :-) Finally I can watch the SK, DJ MJ and Shake it performances of our beloved boys. Probably I'll receive this next year and what a best way to start my 2013 (without knowing i'll be almost a year in this fandom soon, how time flies)


   got to go back to work, quietly and in hiding while posting this in my office...hehe


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               Everyone was already aware and saw the pictures of the goods Aiba-san designed for ARAFES concert. It so orange and it was indeed with a festival theme. This is my first time to ordered ARASHI concert goods (it's been known I'm just a new fan) and im so excited. In fact I ordered mostly all the goods except the wristband, mini-towel/charm and the clearfile cause I thought the image in the poster and clearfile will be the same but I'm thinking on buying it also upon seeing the details. It a must for me to have the concert penlight so I can have something to wave when watching their concert in DVD so I can experience the feeling of watching their concert live...hehe. Though I can't watch their concert at least I have a souvenir, and though I spent almost 8,000 in Philippine peso but it's worth it buying. I just hope that I can't received a bad news that one item is out of stock cause I'll surely cry, :-(  I'm already very excited for all these goods to arrived.  
                             ARAFES goods I ordered T-shirt, poster, uichiwa, hooded towel, bag, penlight, pin badge
*pixs credit to owners - thank you for sharing ARASHIANS*


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