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Moved in here in dreamwidth & decided that maybe I will start posting again about my favorite boys (AMNOS) & group Arashi. My last post was 3 yrs ago & it's about Jun's drama Shitsuren Chocolatier & after a while I'll be posting Jun's movie Narratage. Just saw today the trailer of the movie & my initial reaction was OMG sexy & hot Jun especially the shower scene. I have a Japan trip this fall & I'm looking forward to watch this movie as well as Nino's movie.

Movie website

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   Peter Pan driving a car ..... in Meiji chocolate new CM Matsujun portrays Peter Pan driving a car with the little fairy "tinkerbell"


                                                                        MATSUJUN KAWAIIIIII
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                Lately J-web was available already in 5 languages including English and that's why for 315yen I subscribed it right away. I'm so happy that I get updated report such as during the 24 hrs TV, their schedule for TV appearances, their messages during the show. I can also read their monthly translated web journal just like J's " latest "Enjoy", which he update every 30th of the month just like yesterday timing for his b-day. I'm sharing the translated latest entry of it, he talked about 24hrs TV, his movie, his b-day and upcoming Arafes. Here's the screencap i took.

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                         Goodbye 20's ..... Hello 30's. Arashi youngest turns a year older. You will always and forever be my ichiban. Thank you for being my inspiration and for always making me smile. You always considered us your fans in everything you do, in making decisions on how to bring happiness and laughter during your concerts and shows. I wosh you all the happiness, good health, wisdom, strength and success for the years to come. Continue to stay nice, sweet, passionate, hardworking person you are now but always take care of your health. I believe that one day I can see you in person and watch your concerts. This is my dream and soon in Gods time it will become a reality. Otanjoubi omedetou Jun-kun. Forever and always all my life i'll keep supporting and loving you.




Jan. 3rd, 2013 04:13 pm
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                  This is it, the day Arashist been waiting's "Arashi Day". Can't imagine that I'll be spending in front of the computer for how many hours non-stop. 

                                                                    KOTATSU de ARASHI  4:15-6:00

                                                                    VS ARASHI SP 6:00-9:00

                                                                  LUCKY SEVEN SP 9:00-11:30
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             Even if its just the start of the week, there are lots of good news from Arashi. Yesterday, Fuji TV announced the production of "Lucky Seven SP" of course starred by our very own Matsujun and this morning at Mezamishi, they showed some clips on their first shooting day. Many are anticipating for this special and I'm one of them, and maybe that's the reason why he dyed his hair into black. Another good news this morning was NHK already confirmed that Arashi and Maki Horikita will be the MC for this year Kouhaku. They just had their press conference today and this is one that i'll be looking forward this end of the year. It seem my plans for New Year's Eve will changed :-)
                                        Today marked the entry of our dear Riida in Johnny's Entertainment 
                               "There are lots of leaders out there, but the only Captain is ours" - Sakurai Sho
                  Totally agree with Sho, Arashi won't be the the group right now if not someone like Satoshi as leader
                   Thanks for bringing the group together and for being the kind of leader as you are now. Omedetou :-)

                                         OMEDETOU ARASHI-SAN for all your upcoming works




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