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                         Today, the 24 hrs TV charity t-shirt design was revealed. It's a collaboration between Kusama Yayoi and Ohno Satoshi. It's a flower design and different drawings with Kusama-sensei and Oh-chan signature in front and lots of hearts design with "Love Forever" words at the back. It is available in 4 colors that represent 4 season of Japan; white (winter), pink (spring), blue (summer) and yellow (autumn). I like the design especially the back part, the heart with "Love Forever" and I'm getting the blue and yellow t-shirt for this year.

      blue yellow

other goods availabe in NTV site:
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          Ohno Satoshi ..... a person who is quiet and doesn't know how to get angry. A talented individual who choreograph amazing dance moves, have an amazing voice and an artist. A guy loved by everybody and the leader of the group called ARASHI. Today is your birthday and with simple wishes, I hope you'll stay the same, the Riida we know who value and loved the group with all his might and heart. THE BEST RIIDA EVER. Thank you for everything!
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             Even if its just the start of the week, there are lots of good news from Arashi. Yesterday, Fuji TV announced the production of "Lucky Seven SP" of course starred by our very own Matsujun and this morning at Mezamishi, they showed some clips on their first shooting day. Many are anticipating for this special and I'm one of them, and maybe that's the reason why he dyed his hair into black. Another good news this morning was NHK already confirmed that Arashi and Maki Horikita will be the MC for this year Kouhaku. They just had their press conference today and this is one that i'll be looking forward this end of the year. It seem my plans for New Year's Eve will changed :-)
                                        Today marked the entry of our dear Riida in Johnny's Entertainment 
                               "There are lots of leaders out there, but the only Captain is ours" - Sakurai Sho
                  Totally agree with Sho, Arashi won't be the the group right now if not someone like Satoshi as leader
                   Thanks for bringing the group together and for being the kind of leader as you are now. Omedetou :-)

                                         OMEDETOU ARASHI-SAN for all your upcoming works




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