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                    What can I say about their performance, it's awesome, amazing, incredible, i love it, ahhhhhhh words can't describe what i feel while watching their performance for 5 times already. I prefer tonight's performance than the PV. They're so kakkoi, and Matsujun was so handsome with his hairstyle. It seems the choreographer of Endless Game was the same as Face Down and Breathless and some touch of Ohno's style of choreography. I so love and proud of them since it's not easy dancing while singing Endless Game which is a fast tempo song. The beginning and ending pose, i loved it. Otsukaresama deshita Arashi-san :-)

endless game 3 endless game 4
endless game endless game 2
                                  endless game 6

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                             March 1 marks Music Station Super Idol SP with guessed PERFUME, AKB48, SMAP and ARASHI. During Mini Station the guessed line-up backstage and they were already having fun especially senpai (SMAP) and kouhai (ARASHI). A day before that I read news regarding the issues between both manager, and i'm just glad and hope that the relationship between the two group will not be affected since they are under the same agency. Looking back the performances, Perfume performed first (i always loved Chocolate Disco), followed by SMAP (i'm surprised that their song "Battery" is in English and upon hearing it, i do like it too). It's AKB48's turned though I'm not a fan of them but every time they performed they gave all out performances. Save the best for last .... i'm excited and curious since it' the first time they'll performed Calling and Breathless on TV. The long wait is over and it's their turned to performed and olaaaaaaaa, i was surprised the way they present their new single. They looked good in all black costume and as usual I really loved to see them danced a lot. And so I can say that their Calling made me Breathless :-)

                                                 Breathless Performance

                                                       Calling Performance

--- The next day I saw the PV full version of both songs and as expected they looked so cool and amazing, so proud of our boys ---
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            I thought I can't catch up Music Station today due to some important things to be done. I tried to finished it earlier, at least I can watch even a part of it and I'm glad when I came home its the part where they showed the drawing Ohno did during their debut and Arashi haven't performed yet so I was very happy then :-). It's my first Music Station which I watched over online streaming (thanks KH is okei 2 days ago) and it's a different feeling than watching dl. Though last night there's no VSA and HnA, tonight it made my weekend okei and little i did overcome the feeling of missing them  :-)

                   music station
                   wild at heart
                                          おつかれさまでした 嵐

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             Since I'm new in ARASHI fandom, it's my frst time to celebrate their anniversary and I had fun interacting with other ARASHIANS, chatting and talking about ARASHI. It makes me know them more because of other fans who are very friendly and accomodating. One thing I learned was on how to make gif, since I have less knowledge about this kind of stuff so I was happy to learned something new too. I'm kinda late on posting my wishes for them but deep in my heart I wish them everything, success and more years to come in making all of us happy.

           Though I just became a fan of you guys recently this year but it seems I've known you longer than it was. You changed my life in a positive way and I'm glad that I've known you during my sadness, lonely and heartache stage, you came just in the right time when I really needed someone the most.
           Your music gives me strength, courage and happiness every time I'm listening. Your friendship and bond inspires me and make me believe that there are still person out there who exist where I can trust again. Your smiles and laughter makes me smile too and whatever happened at the end of the day I know there is someone waiting at home where I can turn to......"ARASHI" ♥
             Thank you for your existence, for all the years, hard works, tears, laughter and love you have given us your fans. 13 years ago Johnny made a right choice in putting you guys to debut as a new group that perfectly fit as "ARASHI". Your individual and different personalities made up the kind of group of what you are now. 
             To the 5 guys who brightens my day and add colors to my life, I'm wishing you good health so you can continue to give happiness to the whole world. I'll always be here to support, lend you my strength and you already had a place in my heart that will stay forever no matter what happened, just like what leader said during 24hr terebi, "let stay as a group no matter what comes our way and in the future that lies ahead let's stay together as a five forever". ♥


                                おめでとう 嵐. ありがとうございます うれしいです


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