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          A week before 24hr TV I already was excited, counting days till the said event, curious what is it all about. It's been 3 days since 24 hr TV but until now I can't get over it maybe because it's my first time to watch it and it exceeds my expectations. I'm glad I started to accessed the online streaming on NTV around 12noon( Aug 25) because since the preshow at around 3PM, I read some had a hard time opening keyhole due to limited user who can access it. Of course, without dismay Arashi appeared live around that time though it was very hot and you can observed they were really perspiring but still look goods. They showed highlights of 24hr TV and interviewed participants. At 6:30 PM the event started and they performed "Kansha" in the opening and marathon started after performing "Happiness". One by one Arashi's part was shown; dart trips of Matsujun and Ohno, Sho project future Nadeshiko memorial game and Nino's drama "I fly in the sky with wheelchair". Though I don't understand mostly the drama because it's Japanese but by watching it I can felt the story and there are parts that I can't helped but cry. After a heartfelt drama,  Arashi ni Shiyagare was shown live back to back with Shabekuri 007 wherein they showed series of 10 footages of their most embarassing moment (Jun-kun in Mayonaka # 1) they fought with the olympic medalist with challenges (as expected the medalist won all the challenges), they also did a prank on each member ( Ohno's prank was the most funny one, I can't stop laughing upon seeing his reaction on gay massage). Let's just say that I watched the 1st day of it until the last appearance of Matsujun and Ohno at 3:00AM   (Aug. 26) and woke up at 5:30 cause Sho, Aiba & Nino appeared again that early.
           Just what I posted on my last entry, I had a seminar to attend,  i only had 2 hrs of sleep that day 3:30AM-5:30AM  but it's okey because before I went out I had a glimpse of the five of them appeared together that brightens my day :-) I'm not comfortable thinking I can't watch Arashi's strongest longest medley part so I brought my laptop, and about 10 mins before their performance it was our seminar break so successfully I did saw their performance. Before their performance, cute boys(juniors) read a letter of the member's child dreams. Jun and Nino has the same dream, Sho to be a musician (it seems his dream come true) Aiba to be a company president with beard (lol) and Ohno as a baker for he really loves the smell of the bread (lol). My most awaited performance was Matsujun live conduction with the brass band club. Through out the performance I didn't notice that tears fell down in my eyes, i had goosebumps, all praises i have for Jun-kun (biased) he really had a perfect performance. Upon hearing the letter from one of the member to Jun-kun, i was more moved and touched. It only shows how dedicated he was, though busy he'll travel just to practice, he was really into it and a good result was seen from his hardwork (now my admiration for him is now to the highest level <3). He was so cool and amazing and I know he was satisfied for his performance and the band as well as the other members were proud of him too. I read some articles that mostly everyone who watched it was all amazed and all praised for his live performance. He fought hard not to cry but a teary eyed Jun-kun can't helped not to show his soft side. Another part I looked forward was who's gonna right a letter this time but surprisingly, each one of them wrote one "a letter for my future self". They have different views on how they looked their self in the future and again I can't helped it but cried especially after Ohno read his message for Arashi "let's stay together as five forever" (that's what I want also for them in the future). 
                 Now looking back what I experienced watching my 1st 24hr TV, I really had fun and every moment was very touching. Though I haven't seen some of Arashi's parts during the live show but because of Arashians whose always there willing to share the group hardwork, I can watch them now. Let me say that I'm proud and happy that I knew Arashi this year cause I experienced the excitement of being a fan. From here on, I'll be forever supporting them. Looking forward for ARA-FES, concert goods are on the list :-) Omedetou for a successful 24hr TV. Otsukaresama deshita! 
           preshow24  24hrperformance
                              *** 24hr TV pre-show ***                                       *** 24hr TV performances ***

           letter24hrTV  junconduction
                          *** letter for my future self ***                              *** Matsujun conduction sugoii ***

****** 8.5 hrs to go and it's Matsujun's birthday ******


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