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Since 2011 Arashi held Waku Waku Gakko yearly & in 2015 they started to do it with kouhais. First was Hey Say Jump in 2015 then Johnny's West in 2016 & this year they will be join by Sexy Zone. It will be held in Osaka on June 17-18 (students will surely celebrate Nino-sensei bday) & in Tokyo on July 8-9. This year theme is "Everyone's Health & Physical Education that makes your days shine brighter" & the topic of each member:
Aiba- Let's fall in love w/ sports
Matsumoto- Let's be friends w/ anxiety
Nino- basic of human lies in daily activity
Ohno- Why do human cry?
Sho- what is masculinity and femininity
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                                  Lots of news came out about Arashi this week. First was their new bangumi, a Fuji TV special show for 2 consecutive weeks July 13 at 11:30PM and July 20 at 11:40 entitled "Atarashi Arashi" which they will collaborate with young directors. Each members has a theme; for Oh-chan it's "mischief"; Sho-kun project to make new friends; Aiba-chan about gourmet tour all over Japan; Nino-san does short comedy skit w/ 2 female comedians and Matsujun does challenges under ultimate pressures. This is a project that we must look forward to, i guess we'll see another side of our beloved boys. I'm excited for it already so mark your calendar for this dates.


                                    Another news that came this morning was the announcement for 3rd consecutive year Arashi will held another Waku-Waku Gakkou this coming June 29 & 30 in Tokyo Dome and July 13 & 14 in Osaka Dome. Yes, our Arashi-sensei are back but the topics on what they'll be teaching are still unknown but for sure goods will be available soon. My wallet will be crying again for this boys thinking for the future activities just like 24hrs TV and concerts. So for now, i'll be starting to save for this things :-)



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