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                         Himitsu Arashi-chan has come to an end. I know Arashists were sad of this. As there's a saying all things comes to an end and its just sad that it's the show we learned to love for almost 5 years. Since Im still only a year in this fandom I haven't watched the past 4 years episodes of it but because of some kind Arashians, I was able to watched it. For 1 year I learned to love the show especially the Mote Arashi/Dame Arashi, Doubt Action, Ranking Derby and Mannequin 5 since I was able to know the boys better. So embarrassing to say but I totally cried when 5x10 was played, then Still through the ending. I could say Im obsessed and a die hard fan of Arashi already. I know I can still see them 5 together though they have an individual work already. Thank you for making our Thursday night happy with your smiles and hardwork. Otsukaresama deshita Arashi and the whole staff. You'll be missed :-(

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****I had a feeling and prediction that there will be a new show with the 5 of them together maybe not now but soon. I guess they're trying something or venturing into something new just like having a work/variety show individually (hehehe....just my feeling/opinion). *****


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