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Since 2011 Arashi held Waku Waku Gakko yearly & in 2015 they started to do it with kouhais. First was Hey Say Jump in 2015 then Johnny's West in 2016 & this year they will be join by Sexy Zone. It will be held in Osaka on June 17-18 (students will surely celebrate Nino-sensei bday) & in Tokyo on July 8-9. This year theme is "Everyone's Health & Physical Education that makes your days shine brighter" & the topic of each member:
Aiba- Let's fall in love w/ sports
Matsumoto- Let's be friends w/ anxiety
Nino- basic of human lies in daily activity
Ohno- Why do human cry?
Sho- what is masculinity and femininity
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   Peter Pan driving a car ..... in Meiji chocolate new CM Matsujun portrays Peter Pan driving a car with the little fairy "tinkerbell"


                                                                        MATSUJUN KAWAIIIIII
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                Lately J-web was available already in 5 languages including English and that's why for 315yen I subscribed it right away. I'm so happy that I get updated report such as during the 24 hrs TV, their schedule for TV appearances, their messages during the show. I can also read their monthly translated web journal just like J's " latest "Enjoy", which he update every 30th of the month just like yesterday timing for his b-day. I'm sharing the translated latest entry of it, he talked about 24hrs TV, his movie, his b-day and upcoming Arafes. Here's the screencap i took.

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                         Goodbye 20's ..... Hello 30's. Arashi youngest turns a year older. You will always and forever be my ichiban. Thank you for being my inspiration and for always making me smile. You always considered us your fans in everything you do, in making decisions on how to bring happiness and laughter during your concerts and shows. I wosh you all the happiness, good health, wisdom, strength and success for the years to come. Continue to stay nice, sweet, passionate, hardworking person you are now but always take care of your health. I believe that one day I can see you in person and watch your concerts. This is my dream and soon in Gods time it will become a reality. Otanjoubi omedetou Jun-kun. Forever and always all my life i'll keep supporting and loving you.


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       Happy 17th birthday Anniversary in Johnny Entertainment Ninomiya! OMEDETOU!!!

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                        Who would think this guy has turned 30 yrs old today. I wish you good health and that you'll be happy forever physically and mentally. Stay as humble, cheerful and bratty as you are cause that's what I like about you. May you have an awesome birthday celebration with your family and the rest of the Arashi members.

lj1 lj3

                                                  おたんじょうびおめでとう  二宮ーさん                            
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                         Today, the 24 hrs TV charity t-shirt design was revealed. It's a collaboration between Kusama Yayoi and Ohno Satoshi. It's a flower design and different drawings with Kusama-sensei and Oh-chan signature in front and lots of hearts design with "Love Forever" words at the back. It is available in 4 colors that represent 4 season of Japan; white (winter), pink (spring), blue (summer) and yellow (autumn). I like the design especially the back part, the heart with "Love Forever" and I'm getting the blue and yellow t-shirt for this year.

      blue yellow

other goods availabe in NTV site:
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                    What can I say about their performance, it's awesome, amazing, incredible, i love it, ahhhhhhh words can't describe what i feel while watching their performance for 5 times already. I prefer tonight's performance than the PV. They're so kakkoi, and Matsujun was so handsome with his hairstyle. It seems the choreographer of Endless Game was the same as Face Down and Breathless and some touch of Ohno's style of choreography. I so love and proud of them since it's not easy dancing while singing Endless Game which is a fast tempo song. The beginning and ending pose, i loved it. Otsukaresama deshita Arashi-san :-)

endless game 3 endless game 4
endless game endless game 2
                                  endless game 6

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                                  Lots of news came out about Arashi this week. First was their new bangumi, a Fuji TV special show for 2 consecutive weeks July 13 at 11:30PM and July 20 at 11:40 entitled "Atarashi Arashi" which they will collaborate with young directors. Each members has a theme; for Oh-chan it's "mischief"; Sho-kun project to make new friends; Aiba-chan about gourmet tour all over Japan; Nino-san does short comedy skit w/ 2 female comedians and Matsujun does challenges under ultimate pressures. This is a project that we must look forward to, i guess we'll see another side of our beloved boys. I'm excited for it already so mark your calendar for this dates.


                                    Another news that came this morning was the announcement for 3rd consecutive year Arashi will held another Waku-Waku Gakkou this coming June 29 & 30 in Tokyo Dome and July 13 & 14 in Osaka Dome. Yes, our Arashi-sensei are back but the topics on what they'll be teaching are still unknown but for sure goods will be available soon. My wallet will be crying again for this boys thinking for the future activities just like 24hrs TV and concerts. So for now, i'll be starting to save for this things :-)

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                             March 1 marks Music Station Super Idol SP with guessed PERFUME, AKB48, SMAP and ARASHI. During Mini Station the guessed line-up backstage and they were already having fun especially senpai (SMAP) and kouhai (ARASHI). A day before that I read news regarding the issues between both manager, and i'm just glad and hope that the relationship between the two group will not be affected since they are under the same agency. Looking back the performances, Perfume performed first (i always loved Chocolate Disco), followed by SMAP (i'm surprised that their song "Battery" is in English and upon hearing it, i do like it too). It's AKB48's turned though I'm not a fan of them but every time they performed they gave all out performances. Save the best for last .... i'm excited and curious since it' the first time they'll performed Calling and Breathless on TV. The long wait is over and it's their turned to performed and olaaaaaaaa, i was surprised the way they present their new single. They looked good in all black costume and as usual I really loved to see them danced a lot. And so I can say that their Calling made me Breathless :-)

                                                 Breathless Performance

                                                       Calling Performance

--- The next day I saw the PV full version of both songs and as expected they looked so cool and amazing, so proud of our boys ---
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          Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....this PV just made me breathless.....Arashi in all black costume, full of dancing, the music, everything I just loved it. Everyone was just so cool here and I can't wait for the full version.



        **video credit to owner w/c I used in making these gifs**
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               Just saw SCP preview of Popcorn Live Tour and I'm really dying to see it on DVD. Hoping soon they'll announced this good news and I'm in saving mode again for this future release. I just loved O-chan choreography for 3 songs (if I'm not mistaken) and kyaaaaaaaaaaa they performed Super Fresh (one of my fave songs) which I think they never performed it in concerts (if Im not mistaken again, hehe)

                               Super Fresh pops up in Pocorn Tour :-)


Jan. 3rd, 2013 04:13 pm
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                  This is it, the day Arashist been waiting's "Arashi Day". Can't imagine that I'll be spending in front of the computer for how many hours non-stop. 

                                                                    KOTATSU de ARASHI  4:15-6:00

                                                                    VS ARASHI SP 6:00-9:00

                                                                  LUCKY SEVEN SP 9:00-11:30
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                  I'm just so excited to have my first ever Arashi concert goods. After waiting for more than 2 months, I just got my ARAFES goods yesterday, it's worth the wait. I got the bag, hooded towel (it's very useful especially summer), badge, penlight ( i loved it), jumbo uchiwa, poster (never expect that it was that big) and the t-shirt. More Arashi stuff coming my way this Christmas.....Popcorn concert goods and most of all the ARAFES DVD  :-)

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          Ohno Satoshi ..... a person who is quiet and doesn't know how to get angry. A talented individual who choreograph amazing dance moves, have an amazing voice and an artist. A guy loved by everybody and the leader of the group called ARASHI. Today is your birthday and with simple wishes, I hope you'll stay the same, the Riida we know who value and loved the group with all his might and heart. THE BEST RIIDA EVER. Thank you for everything!
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             Even if its just the start of the week, there are lots of good news from Arashi. Yesterday, Fuji TV announced the production of "Lucky Seven SP" of course starred by our very own Matsujun and this morning at Mezamishi, they showed some clips on their first shooting day. Many are anticipating for this special and I'm one of them, and maybe that's the reason why he dyed his hair into black. Another good news this morning was NHK already confirmed that Arashi and Maki Horikita will be the MC for this year Kouhaku. They just had their press conference today and this is one that i'll be looking forward this end of the year. It seem my plans for New Year's Eve will changed :-)
                                        Today marked the entry of our dear Riida in Johnny's Entertainment 
                               "There are lots of leaders out there, but the only Captain is ours" - Sakurai Sho
                  Totally agree with Sho, Arashi won't be the the group right now if not someone like Satoshi as leader
                   Thanks for bringing the group together and for being the kind of leader as you are now. Omedetou :-)

                                         OMEDETOU ARASHI-SAN for all your upcoming works


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             A month, a weeks, a days of no Arashi variety shows, haayyyyyyyyyy it just seem i'm not complete. At last it ended last Thursday with HnA with the 5 of them in share house. The episode was an epic one taking over the weeks with no HnA and it's the best one since share house and i like the new opening as well :-). I love watching them together, having fun, enjoying each other company just as I'm enjoying myself watching them. I hope they will produce some episodes with the 5 of them again in share house, the atmosphere is very different from VS Arashi and Arashi ni Shiyagare (very homely and there's no audience) 

                           HnA new opening                                                            AMNOS together is fun        

                                            HnA will not end without the picture taking with guests



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            I thought I can't catch up Music Station today due to some important things to be done. I tried to finished it earlier, at least I can watch even a part of it and I'm glad when I came home its the part where they showed the drawing Ohno did during their debut and Arashi haven't performed yet so I was very happy then :-). It's my first Music Station which I watched over online streaming (thanks KH is okei 2 days ago) and it's a different feeling than watching dl. Though last night there's no VSA and HnA, tonight it made my weekend okei and little i did overcome the feeling of missing them  :-)

                   music station
                   wild at heart
                                          おつかれさまでした 嵐

credit pixs to owner
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            Due to time difference of Japan (ahead of 1 hr) and Phils, I set my cellphone to alarm every Thursday and Saturday for Arashi's variety shows. Last night when it alarmed at 6PM and 9:00PM there's no VSA and HnA and when i looked at the schedule it seems there's no VS Arashi for 1 month but I didn't realized it because there's HnA so it eased and forgets the feeling of no VSA but last night is a different feeling, my thursday is not complete at all. VS Arashi will be back on the 18th of October w/ Bet de Arashi. After no airing of HnA for 3 weeks, I'm just glad that when it resume on the 11th of October it will be the 5 of them in share house. I just realized also that there's no Arashi ni Shiyagare for 3 weeks but at last it will resume tomorrow. Douuuuuuushiyoouuu? It only proves I can't live without them without seeing their smiles. (To ease my  feeling of missing them I just watched their raw recent episodes) Still have one problem and must find other ways on how to access online live streaming on TV channels of Japan since Keyhole doesn't exist anymore for TV channels. Someone helppppppppppppppppp me pleasssssssssssssssse :-(

                                                     VS ARASHI to resume on Oct 18  --- still 3 weeks to go

                                               Himitsu no Arashi-chan resume on Oct 11 - 2 weeks in waiting   
                                Arashi ni Shiyagare - after 3 weeks of no AnS at last it will resume tomorrow
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               Everyone was already aware and saw the pictures of the goods Aiba-san designed for ARAFES concert. It so orange and it was indeed with a festival theme. This is my first time to ordered ARASHI concert goods (it's been known I'm just a new fan) and im so excited. In fact I ordered mostly all the goods except the wristband, mini-towel/charm and the clearfile cause I thought the image in the poster and clearfile will be the same but I'm thinking on buying it also upon seeing the details. It a must for me to have the concert penlight so I can have something to wave when watching their concert in DVD so I can experience the feeling of watching their concert live...hehe. Though I can't watch their concert at least I have a souvenir, and though I spent almost 8,000 in Philippine peso but it's worth it buying. I just hope that I can't received a bad news that one item is out of stock cause I'll surely cry, :-(  I'm already very excited for all these goods to arrived.  
                             ARAFES goods I ordered T-shirt, poster, uichiwa, hooded towel, bag, penlight, pin badge
*pixs credit to owners - thank you for sharing ARASHIANS*


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