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The 1st time I saw you in person & heard your live voice during Blast in Miyagi, you mesmerized me. I was surprised to see how cute you are (I remembered during 24hrs TV some foreigner you interviewed said you're cuter in person & I agree). Eventually I had a niban in Arashi & that's you. I love everything about you; your acting, your personality, you being a bratty, your love for money, your work ethics, your smile, your laughs, & most especially the love you have for the members. In your special day let me thank you for inspiring me to do my best everyday. I wish you all the happiness in the world & stay healthy always. I love you! Otanjoubi omedetou Nino

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                         Goodbye 20's ..... Hello 30's. Arashi youngest turns a year older. You will always and forever be my ichiban. Thank you for being my inspiration and for always making me smile. You always considered us your fans in everything you do, in making decisions on how to bring happiness and laughter during your concerts and shows. I wosh you all the happiness, good health, wisdom, strength and success for the years to come. Continue to stay nice, sweet, passionate, hardworking person you are now but always take care of your health. I believe that one day I can see you in person and watch your concerts. This is my dream and soon in Gods time it will become a reality. Otanjoubi omedetou Jun-kun. Forever and always all my life i'll keep supporting and loving you.


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                        Who would think this guy has turned 30 yrs old today. I wish you good health and that you'll be happy forever physically and mentally. Stay as humble, cheerful and bratty as you are cause that's what I like about you. May you have an awesome birthday celebration with your family and the rest of the Arashi members.

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                                                  おたんじょうびおめでとう  二宮ーさん                            
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Happy 30th birthday Aiba-shi. You've been through hard times earlier days of being in Arashi, you've been hospitalized but you didn't give up and  still be able to smile. Thank you for all the fun, laughter you bring into our life and being the mood maker of the group. Your smile, your bakaness, your personality is what makes me admired you as a person. Arashi will not be complete without you.....Miracle Boy...Midori Boy....Mirror Man.... Thanks for everything :-)

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          Ohno Satoshi ..... a person who is quiet and doesn't know how to get angry. A talented individual who choreograph amazing dance moves, have an amazing voice and an artist. A guy loved by everybody and the leader of the group called ARASHI. Today is your birthday and with simple wishes, I hope you'll stay the same, the Riida we know who value and loved the group with all his might and heart. THE BEST RIIDA EVER. Thank you for everything!
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                      Just a few hours left before the birthday of Matsujun will end. I was supposedly to make this a while ago after lunch but unfortunately due to uncontrolled circumstances i wasn't able to do it. I did celebrate Jun-kun birthday watching their anniversary concert, during his birthday way back 2009 wherein they performed under heavy rain (in the tv screen it was the time they brought out the cake). I'll make use of the time left to wish him a happy happy birthday. Keep on bringing smile to everyone's face and I do hope you'll stay as the way you are, the Matsujun whom I admired.

                                  Anniversary Concert (August 30, 2009) + balloons + cake = Matsujun's b-day

                    All my wishes for you on your b-day and hope all your dreams will come true in the future

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It's the special day of our beloved bratty, gamer, card tricker, stingy, talkative, talented, cute and loved Kazunari.  He's already 29 but looks so young, Neens is forever 17. Thank you for not quitting the group during the time when you're just started and decided to continue cause Arashi will not be the Arashi today whom I loved and admired. May you continue to be the person your fans adore and like about you. Keep on making music and bringing smile to every person in the world. Take care of your health always and continue to be happy. More Power and Goodluck!!!

                            TANJOUBI OMEDETOU NINOMIYA KAZUNARI       




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