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             A month, a weeks, a days of no Arashi variety shows, haayyyyyyyyyy it just seem i'm not complete. At last it ended last Thursday with HnA with the 5 of them in share house. The episode was an epic one taking over the weeks with no HnA and it's the best one since share house and i like the new opening as well :-). I love watching them together, having fun, enjoying each other company just as I'm enjoying myself watching them. I hope they will produce some episodes with the 5 of them again in share house, the atmosphere is very different from VS Arashi and Arashi ni Shiyagare (very homely and there's no audience) 

                           HnA new opening                                                            AMNOS together is fun        

                                            HnA will not end without the picture taking with guests



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            Due to time difference of Japan (ahead of 1 hr) and Phils, I set my cellphone to alarm every Thursday and Saturday for Arashi's variety shows. Last night when it alarmed at 6PM and 9:00PM there's no VSA and HnA and when i looked at the schedule it seems there's no VS Arashi for 1 month but I didn't realized it because there's HnA so it eased and forgets the feeling of no VSA but last night is a different feeling, my thursday is not complete at all. VS Arashi will be back on the 18th of October w/ Bet de Arashi. After no airing of HnA for 3 weeks, I'm just glad that when it resume on the 11th of October it will be the 5 of them in share house. I just realized also that there's no Arashi ni Shiyagare for 3 weeks but at last it will resume tomorrow. Douuuuuuushiyoouuu? It only proves I can't live without them without seeing their smiles. (To ease my  feeling of missing them I just watched their raw recent episodes) Still have one problem and must find other ways on how to access online live streaming on TV channels of Japan since Keyhole doesn't exist anymore for TV channels. Someone helppppppppppppppppp me pleasssssssssssssssse :-(

                                                     VS ARASHI to resume on Oct 18  --- still 3 weeks to go

                                               Himitsu no Arashi-chan resume on Oct 11 - 2 weeks in waiting   
                                Arashi ni Shiyagare - after 3 weeks of no AnS at last it will resume tomorrow
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           It's been 4 months since Himitsu no Arashi-chan new segment Arashi share house started. Jun-kun hosted it for the 6th time together with Nino(3) and Aiba(3) and at last for his 7th time he'll be paired with Sho-kun (I've been waiting for this since they're are my (M) ichiban and (S) niban) and left unpaired only with Riida. I enjoyed watching the episode with guest Kazue Fukiishi, they seem having fun especially when it comes to eating, our two boys just get excited and hyper. OMG Matsujun, what's in you nowadays that it seems everytime I saw you and watch your show you look more awesome and sweet and I can't let go of you already :-). Sorry Sho-kun, though there are times I'm into you and sometimes forget Jun-kun but it seems my heart goes back and looks for my beloved "J"

                         Sakumoto smile and pose                                   Entry # 1 & 2 ..... amazing, its a miracle

                  They ate a lot and I just loved how                       Jun-kun really loved miso soup and it shows
                          they react after eating
                                       on his reaction and in saying "umai"                                               




Aug. 17th, 2012 08:05 am
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        It's my first time to watched live online streaming of Japanese channels and I'm excited watching VS Arashi and Himitsu no Arashi chan last night. I'm just happy that I can now watch Arashi shows over the net same as Japan time just in time for NTV 24 hours. I have fun watching VS Arashi ( kyaaahhhhhhh......Matsujun is more adorable and cute this days) especially they won this time against the Fukuoka comedians and made the 10 seconds challenged. But, I'm just a little bit disappointed on share house last night ( the part I found funny was sho's funny face) but it was changed with the second segment Sakuraba doing the challenges with the loser doing a penalty. That part was an epic and I cant stop laughing with the penalties both on Sho and Aiba. The one shot gag with Aiba, Tetsu and Tomo was the most funny one and at the end Sho was doing it too. I just loved spending my Thursday night with Arashi :-)

                                                                 <3 VS ARASHI screenshots <3 
                                                  <3 HNA - I just find Sho saying "baka" very cute <3 

***** 13 days to go till Matsumoto-san birthday*****


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